Equine sports massage therapy is not a luxury pampering treatment for your horse. It’s actually an essential part of the maintenance and treatment of all horses and ponies, as it should be for us as riders too. A Centre Line Sports Massage is slightly different as the foundation of our work is the massage, however we also incorporate acupressure, stretching and mobilisation and release techniques as well as heat therapy, red & infrared light therapy, kinesiology taping and more all available at no extra charge where needed.

Massage can be used to treat a wide range of muscular problems and vets will often refer horses for massage treatment, however if you are seeking a massage treatment for your horse you will need veterinary consent prior to the treatment.


Acupressure points and massage work magnificently together.
Acu-points are found all over the equine body and require gentle touch once found which can offer a great release for many aches, pains and problems. These are perfect for horses in a lot of pain or very sensitive about being touched or massaged.


Kinesiology Taping

K-Tape can help reduce pain, fatigue, swelling as well as aid recovery, and a great proprioceptive aid. We choose to use genuine RockTape Kinesiology Tape for all clients as this is by far the most hard wearing tape on the market for equines in our honest opinion.

light therapy

Photizo Light Therapy devices harness the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths proven to be effective in accelerating natural healing of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain.  Cells that are damaged following trauma can be rejuvenated by red and infrared light.


We are also very please to have a selection of equipment to hire out to our clients and their horses, from the amazing ARC Equine which is unbelievable at tissue repair. To the Equilibrium massage pad, perfect for prior to riding.


It's likely your horse will be acting a little differently to normal so please don't panic post treatment. We will give you an after care plan after your horses treatment as well as being on the end of the phone at any time should you have an questions or queries. DONT FORGET - your horse can also stay on site should you wish.

therapy SERVICES

  • For all new clients and first timers.

    40 British pounds
  • Our Sports Massage is more than 'Just a Massage'

    40 British pounds
  • Our taping sessions includes 2 rolls of tape for your horse!

    40 British pounds
  • ARC Equine Units are prefect for aiding healing.

    3.50 British pounds



Please Note - 
We will not be able to go ahead with your appointment if we have not had veterinary consent from your vet PRIOR to the scheduled consultation in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966. 
If you have any queries regarding this please contact me to discuss.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment or rental we must be notified in writing via email or text message as soon as possible. Appointments or rentals cancelled with 24hrs or less notice will be charged the full booking/appointment. 

If you have any queries or would like to book/pay over the phone or organise an appointment on site at Centre Line Equestrian then please contact me directly on 07951 513 581 or kate@centrelineequinetherapy.co.uk



As all of our clients are completely unique, so is our service.
Each horse will get their own assessment, massage and aftercare service including a rehabilitation plan, stretches and pole work if needed as well as, as much support and advice as each owner would like.

therapy livery

As well as our standard livery packages we also offer rehabilitation livery for those who need support and now also therapy livery. 
This means you can bring your horse to us for various treatments, assessments, groundwork and other therapies over a few days or weeks. As well as support from our equine professionals regularly on the yard visiting/treating our other clients.  Our therapy livery package is completely bespoke to suit individual requirements too.


  • Initial assessment

  • Massage treatments

  • Solarium & washing facilities

  • Kinesiology taping

  • Groundwork

  • Horse Walker

  • Use of our arenas & gallops

  • Additional help & support when you leave.

some of our beautiful clients...

Kate Prestidge has always had a huge passion and love for animals, but it's horses and dogs which have always been at the forefront. 
Starting off how most horse crazy teens did, Kate worked as a groom throughout Warwickshire at a range of yards from professional Polo to riding schools and livery yards before spending over 4 years working for British Showjumping where she got to work in a different type of the Equestrian industry. From then on her sole focus was the family business for many years before realising something was missing, horses.

She then began studying to become an Equine Sports Massage Therapist alongside nursing her dream horse through a lengthy recovery for multiple ailments and is still continuing her education now in multiple other therapies and work.

Kate prides herself in her work, her clients and not wanting to be a "one trick pony" she is continually on CPD courses as well as studying and qualifying in other techniques and services such as acupressure, light therapy, mobilisation, Kinesiology taping and much more in 2020 to ensure her clients get the best possible treatment and help that they deserve.

A big part in her passion to jump into her studies is her pride and joy - Zaggy (AKA the Vet bill), her 11 year old Ex-Racehorse who keeps Kate & her husband Adam on their toes with his unique sense of humour and his inability to keep himself out of mischief! Kate's clients love to hear all about his recent "ZAGBO's" (his own take on an ASBO) 

2020 is already looking very promising, relocating to the other end of the country to open there new base - Centre Line Equestrian at the stunning Priory Home Farm. Offering therapy services to liveries as well as new clients in Kent.

One things for sure is Kate truly cares about the animals around her, it's not work, it's a passion and her life.

Centre Line Equine Therapy - More Than a Massage

about kate...